Who are we ?

Born from our common passion for web, for design… and for life! Keykal is the crucible where all our projects start : here we transform the fruit of our passionate exchanges (all languages mixed), into something functional, useful, real, ready to simplify your day-to-day life. Everything is in here, our most serious projects as well as our craziest ideas!


Who is Juliette ?

Little working ant, she reasons, canalises and assesses all of Andrei’s raw pearls to make them shine. Juliette takes the graphic and aesthetic decisions. She’s in charge of the communication phase of the projects, and occasionally lets her small touch of madness talk.

How about Andrei ?

The mastermind. With Andrei, ideas spark restlessly (even at 3 a.m.), brilliant, sometimes crazy, provided his coffee levels are up. He does the most part of the concrete work, coding non-stop from morning to evening (or evening to morning…)



zodiac website

École du zodiaque

Dynamic website - PHP, in the making

Bagneux Environnement site

Bagneux Environnement

Wordpress - custom theme, in the making

Montimage website


Dynamic website - PHP, last touches

Placebo website


Simple website - PHP booking form

Yendo website


Youngest project - to be continued

Café des artistes website

Café des artistes

First steps with React


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