Keykal is investing in green and local with their new project!

Keykal is investing in green and local with their new project!

Combining convictions, pleasure and work is always possible when you’re ready to pull your weight…

New demonstration with this new partnership between Keykal and Bagneux Environnement, whom we warmly thank for trusting us with the complete makeover of their website.

Bagneux environnement is a dynamic and growing association, located in Bagneux, south of Paris.
Their actions promote not only a green and responsible attitude, but also a real atmosphere of sharing and recycling among the locals. Among others, they created public sharing spaces called “partageries” and opened a permaculture space. They organise upcycling and DIY workshops, distribution of unsold organic products for all, awareness sessions for the young… and many more things.

So much more than an umpteenth association without real impact and reserved for a small segment of the population, Bagneux Environnement creates links of solidarity and exchanges between people of all horizons and ages for a more sustainable planet, on a tangible scale.

For this reason Keykal has chosen to embark on the adventure with them and is currently actively working on the development of this beautiful project on the Internet.

Come and check it out!

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